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  1. The course consists of 18 holes. Individual holes are numbered with numbers. Please follow the order of the holes. The holes are connected by paths that lead you to the next hole.

  2. Adventure golf can be played by individuals or groups of players. The recommended number of players at one hole is 4.

  3. When playing in a group, the players play one after another in the order they determined before.

  4. The target of the game is to get the ball into the hole in the fewest number of strokes possible. The winner is the player with the least number of strokes at all holes.

  5. The game on the hole starts in the area in front of the bricks where you can place the ball on the synthetic turf anywhere you want.

  6. The maximum number of strokes per hole is 6. If you do not reach the hole in 6 strokes, the player receives one penalty stroke and writes a result of 7 on the score card.

  7. If the ball leaves the hole during play, it is returned to the place where it left the hole and the player receives one penalty stroke. In this case, the player can move the ball from the bricks to a distance of 15 cm (the longer side of the score card)

  8. If the ball ends up in a bunker or water pond, the player may continue play from that or may place the ball 15 cm from the edge of the bunker or water pond at the point where it was played into that, but receives one penalty stroke.

  9. If the ball ends up near one of the natural obstacles (brick barrier, stone or wooden stake), it is placed from this obstacle at a distance of 15 cm without receiving a penalty stroke.

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